6 Reasons You Should Consider a Townhome

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Depending on your situation a townhome can be an excellent solution when you are searching for a property.

For first home buyers or younger couples and families, it offers an affordable entry point to the market. For downsizers it can be a convenient compromise, as a loss of space does not necessarily mean a loss of quality or privacy. For investors the efficient use of space can help to maximise your returns.

Whatever your position, the Symmetric Townhomes at Seventh Bend could be the right fit. Here are 6 reasons why…

1. Value for Money (within your budget)

While there is no doubt that there are many attractive house and land packages available to suit all lifestyles and budgets, once you begin to add in the upgrades and extras you want, you may find your ideal package exceeding your budget.

While house and land packages generally come with a standard range of inclusions, some interior and exterior elements – such as driveways and fencing – will be an added expense to your new home.

Townhomes offer a “turnkey” solution. That is, once the home is completed, you can turn the key and start living there straight way, with no further work or expense required on your part!

2. Convenience

Instead of worrying about buying a parcel of land and then finding a builder and managing the settlement and build process, a fixed price townhouse means the property developer and builder work together to take care of both steps for you. This can be particularly comforting for First Home Buyers who are new to the property market (it can be a bit overwhelming at first!).

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touches! Townhouse builders also provide some custom features that you can add as part of your upgrades, whether you need more strorage, another bedroom or different floor coverings. You can easily work with the builder to ensure your townhouse suits you!

3. Low-maintenance Living

Do you despise pulling weeds, trimming shrubs and cutting grass? One of the great things about owning a townhouse is that you typically get some yard in the front and back, but it’s not so large that you’ll spend your entire weekend maintaining it.

Due to their smaller size, townhouses can also be less costly and less timely to maintain. You will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the things that are important to you. And with the inclusion of an outdoor courtyard, you can still entertain, have a small garden to tend to, or provide the kids with a secure space to play.

4. No Body Corp Fees

There are many townhouses these days that offer no body corporate, which makes them an even more attractive option to consider.

The Symmetric Townhomes at Seventh Bend have no body corporate, so no body corporate fees!

5. An Affordable Entry Point, or downsize with ease

For first home buyers, townhomes offer an affordable way to get into the property market, as a turnkey solution, often with lower deposits required. While they are a more affordable entry point to the market, you won’t have to compromise on quality.

At the other end of the scale, if the family home is just too big now, and the kids have moved out, maintaining a house may not be necessary anymore and downsizing makes sense. Townhomes are an ideal alternative when you are ready for something a bit smaller, as they still offer plenty of living space and spare guest rooms, but with minimal maintenance. This suits a lot of people as their families mature and they begin to spend more time entertaining, traveling or spending more time on their hobbies.

6. Variety in Design

The Symmetric Townhomes at Seventh Bend are a good example of townhomes that offer variety in their layouts to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

All of the floorplans still offer generous living spaces, but they include a combination of 3 and 4 bedroom homes across single and double storey designs.

Some floorplans offer multiple living spaces (perfect for entertaining while the kids play upstairs), while others offer a spare bedroom away from the others, perfect for guests or a home office.

To work out if a townhome could be a suitable solution for you, or to find out more about the Symmetric Townhomes at Seventh Bend, please contact Aida on 0418 577 055 or at hello@seventhbend.com.au



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