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Rosy Ganger knows what it means to work hard and achieve your dreams. First generation immigrants from India, the Ganger family settled in Australia, first in Sydney and now here at Seventh Bend in Melbourne, where the pace of life and opportunity to own their own home were irresistible draws.


“Sydney was so congested,” says Rosy. “It was a busy life there. My childhood friend had bought land in Melbourne and said: ‘Well, this is your next step too. You better come and have a look.’ So, we did, and it was just such a natural area. You can see mountains and so much open space.”


With her husband and two children, Rosy set about securing a block of land at Seventh Bend and designing her dream home.


“We love our house,” says Rosy. “You can say it’s a dream house. The best part is that we are close to everything. We have Opalia Plaza right next door. A service station nearby. Daycare next to us. And the Exford School for my daughter. It has everything we need.”


Happily settled at Seventh Bend, Rosy’s next step is to encourage her friends and family to settle here too.


“My sister is in Perth, and I said to her: ‘You’re definitely coming here,’” laughs Rosy. “My friends too. I tell them: ‘I’m here, don’t worry—I’ll help you. Just come and have a chat with the Seventh Bend people.’ We have all worked hard and it’s a very big achievement to have a home in Australia. It’s a dream come true.”


For more information, visit the Seventh Bend Sales & Information Centre on Exford Rd, Weir Views or call 0418 577 055.


Alternatively, watch Rosy’s full story via video below.



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